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Week 06: Design, Implement, Validate and Evaluate

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
    • Once you have completed your digital mind map.
    • Create a Digital Copy of all your work ready for submission through myFlinders as a draft and a backup copy.

      • Year 8 Python Adventure
        • During this lesson students are to use Google document to create a document to capture their narration of each room / bubble / stage from their mind maps.

        • Task 01: Remember the process:
          • Design your mind map.
          • Identify the golden path
          • Number all the rooms in your mind map

        • Ensure that you have documented your "The Golden Path" with a minimum of 25 rooms completed.

        • Task 02:
        • You are to create the narration that the end user will read and select options from.
          • Write the story (try to use adjectives to describe objects and situations)
          • Write the instructions (Clear information for the use to follow)
          • Display the options for the user (use a numbering system like 1, 2, 3, 4)

        • Example of a narration

        • Reminder: Each room requires narration and can be copies and placed within your code. Therefore this is not a waste of time, however, a very smart (Big Brain) idea. Ensure that:
          • Students are to have a minimum of 25 narrated bubbles
          • The main line - "Golden Path" - narrated
          • Must show diversity and key features of your design (special rooms or tasks/quests sequences)

    • Things to think about:
  • Lesson 02: Continue work on Year 8 Python Adventure
    • Students are to ensure they have numbered each of their rooms / bubbles:

    • Complete the narration of the Golden Path:

  • Lesson 03:
      • Hand Drawn Mind Map.
      • Digital Version of Mind Map.
      • Google Document for narrative.
      • Create a Digital Copy of all your work ready for submission through myFlinders as a draft and a backup copy.

    • Code Discussion 01: What are the components of the following Code?

    • Global Variables: How do global variables and lists work?

    • Functions and defined Functions: How we can modulate like P1 and P2 in lightbot.

    • What does the following block of code do?

    • Core of your assignment - The overview of the Room

    • In small groups, discuss how you can apply this code (implementation 2) to your project?

    • Video Tutorial Files -= What to Do =-
      • You will need to view the video file and stop it along the way so you can implement, do what the video files shows you.
      • Remember: Information Action = KNOWLEDGE
      • Remember to save your work as you go.

    • Implement the code and to start the development of your Text Adventure.
    • Remember to ask questions if you are unsure.
    • You will need to have all your planning finished to get underway to implement your designs.

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