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Week 07: Design, Implement, Validate and Evaluate

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01: Year 8 Python Adventure
    • Revision from previous lesson:

    • Video Tutorial Files -= What to Do =-
      • You will need to view the video file and stop it along the way so you can implement, do what the video files shows you.
      • Remember: Information Action = KNOWLEDGE
      • Remember to save your work as you go.

    • Implement the code and to start the development of your Text Adventure.
    • Remember to ask questions if you are unsure.
    • You will need to have all your planning finished to get underway to implement your designs.

    • Task: Create the tree structure for your Golden Path

    • Create the functions def room01(): for all the rooms

    • Define each bubble in your story:

    • Remember to include the following function at the top of your code,

  • Lesson 02: Year 8 Python Adventure
    • Yr 8 Introducing Term 4 to students.
    • Option Selection Survey

    • Remember the process:

    • Continue to develop your code and remember to include some extension functionality to achieve the higher grade bands. This could include and not limited to:
      • Number game to exit a room.
      • Pick a number dividable by 2 and 5 to escape or open a safe.
      • Information given in one room (random number or name) and use in another room.

    • Expand on your structure to use the following code to make decisions:

    • It is recommended that you use timers to help pause the game to improve the user experience.
    • When develop kill/end rooms, ensure the message is clear and allows the user to loop back to the start with a function call after the timer of room00()

    • Tutorial: How to use word art in your adventure game: Python - Creating and using ASCII Art in your UI / GUI

    • Tutorial: How to use the sleep timer in python: Python - Time Sleep - module

    • Tutorial: How to create a duration timer (start time, end time calculation): Python - timer - Creating a timer for duration


Readings / Homework
  • Continue coding your designs. Year 8 Python Adventure
  • Mr Marsden will be checking up on your code as you develop your Adventure.





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