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Week 03: Computational Thinking - Design Thinking Tools

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
  • Algorithm Task 01:

    • Write an algorithm using Pseudo Code for a automated train to stop collect passengers at a platform at Gympie:

    • Ideas for a Computational Thinking success:
      • Identify the Inputs or Event Triggers
      • What is the desired output?
      • What are the steps from start to finish?
      • Check the steps before submitting that they achieve a logical sequence
      • Think about anomalies:
        • What happens if there are no passengers waiting?
        • What is no one wants to get off?

  • Algorithm task 02: Continuing with the train theme (Big Bang Theory inspired)
    • The following is a representation of a train and road intersection. Develop an algorithm in Pseudo Code to ensure that the intersection works effectively.
    • Have another student check your solution before you submit your evidence online.

  • Algorithm task 03: Build A Bear
    • You have been asked to develop an algorithm in both Pseudo code and Flow chart to demonstrate the algorithm behind the Build A Bear Experience.

    • View the following YouTube video on the Build A Bear Experience: How To Build A Bear

  • Lesson 02: TBA - assessment

  • Assessment Task 01 Algorithms: DOM Pizza Checker - individual work.
    • The following is the first of your assessment components:
    • Develop an algorithm for the DOM Pizza Checker V2 and submit both Pseudo code and Flow chart to demonstrate the algorithm behind the technology before the end of the lesson.
      • The new and improved Pizza Checker is able to check that you have placed enough ingredients and build the pizza correctly before sending the image to the client.
      • There are 2 major pizzas that are checked - The Pepperoni and Hawaiian 

  • Place a screenshot of your ALGORITHMIC Pseudocode and Flowchart in myFlinders under the submissions (multiple submissions accepted)

    • Assessment Task 02 Algorithms: Writing materials will be required for this task.

      • Develop an algorithm for the automation of Coles Click and collect. Submit the Pseudo code to demonstrate the algorithm behind the technology.
      • The process starts at the pressing of the online order (shopping list to be sent) and ends with the robot placing the bagged good in the back of the car.
      • Ensure that the customer can purchase multiple quantities of a particular item and also multiple items.

      • Video information - Coles Click and Collect

        Coles are looking at increasing profit margins and reducing liability by automating the picking of online customer orders. Develop an algorithm that will enable this process to be successful when a customer order's combinations and quantities of the following products:
        • Heritage Mill Apple Crumble Clusters
        • Leggos Pizza Sauce
        • Arnotts Original Barbecue Shapes
        • Gillette Fusion 5 Razor
        • Bref Power Active Juicy Lemon Toilet Cleaner
        • Eclipse Spearmint Mints

      • Place a screen shot of your ALGORIHMIC Solution in myFlinders under the submissions (multiple submissions accepted)

  • Due Monday Morning - Week 04 - 8:35am.
Readings / Homework
  • Complete all set work and ensure the solutions are uploaded to myFlinders under the submissions (multiple submissions accepted)





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