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Week 10: Design, Implement, Validate and Evaluate

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01: Students are to complete and hand in their assignments
    • Develop a portfolio structure for you assignment.
        1. Title Page
        2. Index Page
        3. Treatment (Overview client needs and requirements)
        4. Visual Hierarchy discussion and reference to appendix
        5. Appendix -
          1. mood board
          2. colour scheme
          3. Low Fidelity wire frames
          4. Mid Fidelity layout with annotations (CSS)

    • Students to complete Visual Hierarchy justification essay (maximum 800 - 1000 words)
    • Key Question: Analyses your designs using the visual hierarchy, structures of the page, site navigation consideration to identify the intended audience in the digital media space.

      Due Monday week 10, 8:35 am via myFlinders

    • Please purchase a Micro SDHC Memory Card (8 or 16GB) for use with the Raspberry Pi in week 10.

  • Lesson 02:
  • Lesson 03:
  • Lesson 04:

    • Complet the introduction to databases and Structured Query Language (SQL).

Readings / Homework

Objective Notes:

  • Objectives:
    • Understanding the Bootstrap grid layout system.
    • How to use bootstrap containers to layout your website easily.
    • Learn to use other Bootstrap components such as buttons.
    • Adding symbols using Font Awesome.

  • Objectives:
    • Learn to use Bootstrap carousels.
    • Add Bootstrap cards to your website.
    • Using Bootstrap navigation bars.




Focus Point