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Week 08: Dynamic Websites - Coding the solution

Class Task and Information

  • Lesson 01:
  • Lesson 02:
  • Lesson 03:
    • 04 Lessons before submission of your assessment.

    • Students to work on their documentation:

      • Problem description
        • Identify the client.
        • Your position and function within the project.
        • Outline the requirements the client may need to run a successful website enabled business.
        • Discuss the features that your site will offer and the advantages of your solution.
        • Remember to highlight the advantages this will bring to the client and the users of the site.

      • Table Definitions / CSD
        • TRD Discussion (One customer can have...)
        • Conceptual Schema
        • Table Relationship Diagram
        • Data Dictionary

      • Flow chart of the basic algorithms
        • Data Flow Diagram of rental or transaction.
        • Pseudo code of the Algorithms and work flow of outcomes
        • Annotated Wire Frames of Layout

      • Sample screen captures of the functional database
        • Screen Shots of the system working and work flow outcomes
        • Black Box Validation of your system (UI only no need for code)

      • All code (with internal documentation / explanatory notes)
        • Each file on separate page (no need to duplicate if appropriate titles used)

      • Evaluation
        • Overview of your implemented solution
          • functionality
          • features
        • Positive Elements
        • Negative Elements
        • Future Changes and Adaptations

  • Lesson 04:
    • 3 Lessons before submission of your assessment.
    • Students are to work on their documentation and complete their websites.
    • All coding must be completed and UI finished.
    • There should be no coding past this point.
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